When Their Toothbrush Isn’t Handy, Reach For Scrubber Foods!

When Their Toothbrush Isn’t Handy, Reach For Scrubber Foods!

WE’VE ALL BEEN IN SITUATIONS WHERE we’ve wished we had a toothbrush—but didn’t. And if you need a toothbrush, you know that your children definitely do too. Perhaps it was on a recent camping trip. Perhaps it was right after lunch, on your way to an important meeting. Regardless of when it was, you knew that you needed the tools to keep your child’s mouth healthy and clean, but they just weren’t available!

Certain types of foods can help you in a pinch.

Introducing Nature’s Tooth Scrubbers

Scrubber foods naturally clean your teeth–not perfectly, but enough to help you smile with confidence. As you chew scrubber foods they remove plaque and leftover particles from other foods you’ve eaten. They also increase saliva flow, which helps clean your mouth as well.

Most Scrubbers Are Crisp, Firm, And High In Fiber

Here are a few common scrubber foods:

  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumbers

All of these foods are excellent at freshening your mouth. Use them at the end of a meal or after a snack. Remember that these foods cannot be used as a replacement for brushing and flossing. But, they can be little helpers until you get to your toothbrush.

Try It Yourself!

Try this: start packing your child’s lunch with a scrubber food every day and encourage them to finish up their meal with that instead of the sweets. It’s a great way to keep their teeth cleaner in-between meals.

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