Let’s Answer Some Dental FAQs Before the New Year!

Let’s Answer Some Dental FAQs Before the New Year!

WE HEAR A LOT of the same questions from patients and parents of patients, so let’s wrap up the year by answering three of them.

#1: My tooth doesn’t hurt, so why do I need a filling?

Cavities aren’t always painful. They form when tooth enamel is eroded away until a hole forms. As the hole gets deeper, it can reach the dentin and even the pulp chamber at the center of the tooth, but in the early stages, they usually don’t hurt. While the best option is preventing a cavity from forming at all, it’s much better to treat a cavity before it hurts than allow it to reach that point. By then, a filling alone might not be enough!

#2: How important is it to keep baby teeth healthy?

Just because baby teeth are temporary, that doesn’t mean they don’t serve an important purpose. Kids need them to speak clearly, chew effectively, and master the lifelong brushing and flossing habits that will protect their adult teeth. They also hold the places for those adult teeth.

#3: Should I be worried about the effect of pacifiers and thumbsucking on my child’s teeth?

Pacifier use and thumbsucking can indeed contribute to significant problems, but not when the child is very young. Babies and toddlers often find these habits very comforting, and they usually grow out of them on their own. If they’re showing no signs of stopping by age three, parents should consider strategies for discouraging the habit, like clipping the pacifier. We can help find the right solution.

Did We Miss Your Top Question?

When our patients are educated about their teeth and gums, they are more empowered to stay in control of their dental health, so if you have any questions we didn’t cover, make sure to ask them at your next appointment!

There’s nothing better than seeing our patients’ smiles!

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