What Your Dentist Can Tell By Looking In Your Mouth

What Your Dentist Can Tell By Looking In Your Mouth

DENTISTS AREN’T JUST LOOKING FOR CAVITIES at your child’s routine checkup. A quick examination of their mouth can reveal a lot more about their oral and overall health than you think. The dentist may even discover some of their quirky habits!

Here are a few things dentists may notice when they look inside your child’s mouth:

#1: They Haven’t Been Flossing Regularly

That quick flossing session right before their appointment may make it more apparent to your child’s dentist that they haven’t been flossing on a regular basis. When someone only flosses right before their dental checkup, their gums may still be bleeding and usually look damaged and inflamed. Healthy gums, on the other hand, appear tight and pink.

#2: They Have A Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are known for causing pain and pressure in the sinus cavity, but sometimes you can even feel it in your upper teeth!
Are you unsure whether your child has a toothache or a sinus infection? Luckily, your dentist can tell the difference! A simple home test is to bend over and touch your toes. If the pressure or pain increases upon bending over, it is most likely not a toothache!

#3: They Bite Their Nails

Here’s one of those quirky habits that your child can’t hide from the dentist! Nail biters have leveled off, flat front teeth. This is because of the grinding that occurs between the top and bottom teeth.

#4: They Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Dentists look at more than just your teeth—they examine the health of your whole mouth! Vitamin deficiencies in particular can manifest themselves in your child’s mouth in various ways. Here are some examples:

  • Sores
  • Changes in the tongue
  • Tissue sloughing off
  • Delayed healing
  • Easily bleeding gums
  • Burning tongue syndrome

Dentists are often the first to discover a vitamin deficiency and can help get your child back on track.

#5: They Used To Suck Their Thumb

If your child had the habit of sucking your thumb or finger past the age of seven, there will be significant changes in their bite and the position of their teeth. Telltale signs may remain but these can be fixed through orthodontic treatment.

We Provide More Than Just A Cleaning

Your child’s dental appointment is much more than just a cleaning! Beyond being able to tell that they bite their nails or don’t floss as often as they should, we can also detect other, more serious health problems and help them get their health back on track.

Your family’s overall health is important to us. Trust us to catch any warning signs that may appear in your little one’s mouth. We’re here to detect any problems and help them stay healthy and happy!

Thank you for placing your trust in our practice!

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