What Our Team Loves About Dr. Stephen

What Our Team Loves About Dr. Stephen

IT’S SO GREAT TO GET UP each day, go to work, and be part of something great—a practice that truly cares about our patients. We love helping kids maintain great oral health. Most importantly, we value the relationships we build with you—and with other team members. That’s why we’re so grateful for the person who makes it all possible, Dr. Stephen. We hear all day from patients “Where does he get that energy” and “Is he always like this?” His energy seems boundless and he loves to make everyone laugh. Why not have fun at the dental office!!! Here is what our team had to say about Dr. Stephen

Why We Love Dr. Stephen

As a little surprise to Dr. Stephen we wanted to show our appreciation! We asked team members to comment with a favorite memory about Dr. Stephen, or something about why they love working with our fearless leader! Jocelyn: He treats every patient with the highest possible care and makes it a fun work environment. Lily: He strives to keep every day fun, light & happy Lynn: We have a lot of laughs and I appreciate his innovative techniques in patient care Kayleigh: I love that he gave me time off for my honeymoon!!! Tali: I love that he is goofy and sings funny songs all day 🙂 Thanks for all you do, Dr. Stephen!

To Our Patients…

Do you have something to add? Any special experiences that you’ve had with Dr. Stephen? Please add your own comments below!

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