Use Your Smartphone To Help Your Child Brush Smarter

Use Your Smartphone To Help Your Child Brush Smarter

SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY IS AMAZING. It brings the world to our fingertips. And if your child is like others, he’s fascinated by smartphones and other devices. Maybe it’s time to use that fascination to help your child develop healthy dental habits!

Make Brushing Fun For Kids!

Oral-B and Disney teamed up to make a fun dental app for children: The app helps children brush for a full two minutes by giving them goals to work toward!

Kids Aren’t The Only Ones Who Need Some Extra Help

There’s a version for adults, too. In addition, Oral-B has developed advanced, two-way communication apps that not only receive brushing data and report it back to you, but you can also program the app to communicate via Bluetooth® with your toothbrush to monitor your personalized brushing routine!

Remember, There Are Some Things Technology Can’t Replace

No matter how awesome these tools are in assisting with daily oral hygiene, they can’t replace the professional, personalized oral health care our team provides. Schedule your child’s regular checkups and cleanings… And when you have questions or concerns about his or her oral health, never hesitate to visit with us.

We appreciate having your child as our valued patient.

Have You Used One Of These Apps?

Or, do you know of other great dental apps for your smartphone or tablet? Comment and share below! And if you decide to try out one of the Oral-B apps above, let us know how you like it!

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