Try This Fun Experiment!

Try This Fun Experiment!

IT’S FUN TO LEARN ABOUT OUR TEETH AND ORAL HEALTH! Here’s an easy experiment you can do as a family!

Fluoride Protects Teeth

Step 1: Gather materials:

  • 2 eggs
  • Tube of fluoride toothpaste
  • Vinegar

Step 2: Slather fluoride toothpaste all over one egg and leave it overnight. Step 3: The next day, wash off the toothpaste and put each egg in a cup of vinegar. Leave them there 5-6 hours. Result: Notice the white foam around the untreated egg. The white foam is actually dissolved eggshell! When you take both eggs out of the vinegar, you’ll notice the difference the fluoride protection made. Takeaway Lesson: Acidic foods that we consume every day wear down our teeth, so protect those pearly whites! You can also do this experiment the Crest way.

Did You Enjoy The Experiment?

How’d the experiment go for you? Let us know what you learned! Leave a comment below, post a picture on Facebook, or talk to us about it next time you come in for your appointment!

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