Toothpaste Is Great For Lots Of Things Including A Little Fun

Toothpaste Is Great For Lots Of Things Including A Little Fun

WE KNOW IT CAN BE HARD sometimes to get your children to brush their teeth. That’s why when we came across these fun alternative uses for toothpaste we thought we’d share them with you so you can use them to have fun with your child and talk about great oral health.

Toothpaste Can Be Used For Lots Of Things

Of course your child knows the primary purpose of toothpaste—but maybe a few outside-of-the-mouth demonstrations will make toothpaste more fun. Show him or her how toothpaste can help with the following:

  • removing scuff marks from sneakers
  • clearing up fogged goggles
  • removing crayon marks from walls
  • cleaning and polishing jewelry

And keep reminding them that brushing (and flossing) helps keep their smile looking and feeling great too. If you’re going to try any of these ideas use white non-gel toothpaste and Google the topic for step-by-step instructions.

Toothpaste Can Also Be Used During Craft Time

You can even paint with toothpaste. This may be something you and your son or daughter would enjoy doing together.

Materials Needed:

  • white, non-gel toothpaste
  • powdered tempera paint (if you want color)
  • cardboard or paper plate (as your canvas)
  • craft sticks, toothpicks, or plastic spoon
  • paper towels (for cleanup)

Simply mix the tempera with the toothpaste and then have your child use the sticks, toothpicks, spoon, or their fingers to paint a masterpiece. Toothpaste creates a 3-D effect that’s great for painting clouds, trees, or wavey water. Have fun! Do you have any fun, alternative uses for toothpaste? Tell us in the comments.

We hope this information was helpful and fun. Thanks for being our awesome patients!

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