Three Wonderful Benefits Of Smiling For You And Your Child

Three Wonderful Benefits Of Smiling For You And Your Child

AS YOUR CHILDREN’S PARENT, you’re teaching them about the value of their smiles. As you know, here at our practice, we obsess over your children’s smiles (and YOURS by the way). We know that a confident smile can be life changing. But what does your smile have to do with aging?

1. It’s Not Important Right Now To Your Child, But People Who Smile Are Perceived As Younger

And that’s important for YOU! Last year, in an American Psychological Association study, researchers showed thousands of photos of people wearing different expressions on their faces to test subjects who were then asked to guess the ages of the people in the photos. The guesses on neutral expressions were quite accurate, but smiling faces were generally assumed to be many years younger than their actual age.

2. Sharing A Smile (and a laugh) Makes Everyone FEEL Younger—Regardless Of Their Age

It’s really not about the number of miles on your smile. It’s about how comfortable you are sharing it.

3. Smiling May Even Help You Live Longer

Living longer—now THERE’S a serious smiling benefit. Could this really be true? A 2010 Wayne State University study examined the relationship between smile intensity and longevity among 230 pro baseball players from a ’52 baseball registry. They found that players with big smiles lived an average of five years longer that those who didn’t (or barely) smiled. Even players with small smiles lived longer than those who didn’t smile. Facial expression and smiles have long been shown to be a good indicator of people’s emotions—and those with positive emotions are even shown to have better interpersonal skills and more stable marriages. Smiling can have a great impact on your health—it can boost your immune system and reduces stress. The same benefits can extend to your children.

So Here Are Some Tips For Helping Your Smile (and your children’s) Stay Young And Healthy

  1. Care for your teeth, relentlessly, by doing the basics—brushing, flossing, regular checkups, etc.
  2. Ask us any time you have questions about your oral health or improving your child’s smile (or YOUR smile, for that matter). We love talking about smiles, regardless of the smiler’s age.
  3. Smile big, and smile often.

When you take good care of your teeth, chances are they’ll last a lifetime. And a great smile will make that lifetime longer, healthier, and happier.

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