Teaching Children About The Connection Between Mouth And Body

Teaching Children About The Connection Between Mouth And Body

OUR BODIES ARE ECOSYSTEMS where a change in one area affects other areas. This connection is becoming clearer as scientists continue examining the links between oral health and cardiovascular health. Recent studies suggest that taking care of your gums through great oral hygiene could cut your risk of a heart attack or stroke!

Your Child’s Health Habits Are Being Formed Right Now

We know that a heart attack probably isn’t high on your list of worries for your child. But remember that your child’s habits and points of view about health are being formed right now. You can protect their future health by teaching them to care for their bodies preventatively. That includes a healthy diet, exercise, and regular dental care.

Important Links Between Gum Health And Heart Health

Inflammation caused by gum disease could contribute to an increased risk for heart problems. The mouth is the gateway to the body, and gums that are infected or bleeding provide easy access for bacteria to get into the bloodstream. Once inside, certain types of bacteria cause low-level inflammation of blood vessels without causing a full-blown blood infection. Because of this, treatment is very difficult once the bacteria have become established. The constant low-level inflammation can induce atherosclerosis–the hardening of arterial walls–and lead to blockages.

Mom Was Right—An Ounce of Prevention…

Beyond diet and exercise, it’s hard to know what to do to prevent heart disease. However, gum disease and tooth decay are completely preventable! Brush, floss, and stick to your regular check-ups and cleanings. As such studies continue, it’s likely more evidence will be found linking gum disease and heart disease. In the meantime, there are already enough reasons to take charge of your oral health! Establishing good dental hygiene habits now and sticking to them will help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and a host of other problems for your child down the road. We hope that this information is helpful to you as you care for your child, elderly family members, and your own health.

Stay Healthy For The People You Love

We’re proud to assist you in your pursuit of comprehensive, lasting health for your child and your family.

Thank you for allowing us to be your family’s partner in health care. We appreciate you!

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