Some Helpful Ideas To Get Your Child Flossing

Some Helpful Ideas To Get Your Child Flossing

WE KNOW A LOT OF PATIENTS DON’T LIKE TO FLOSS. Adult patients AND young ones. You may be surprised to hear us say, “we understand!” Flossing each day can be difficult, and for our little patients, it can be especially hard. Maneuvering tight string around a small mouth, all while your fingers’ circulation is getting cut off… it seems easier to just forget how important flossing is to your oral health. However, today there are options that can help make flossing easier for your child.

Many, Many Varieties Of Floss

When you’re teaching your child to floss, try ribbon-style floss instead of thread-style. Try waxed versus unwaxed. Try one that’s specially designed to glide easily. Try a different thickness, or a different flavor. The type of floss you use doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact you’re doing it!

Consider Tools Like Flossers And Flossing Sticks

After trying several of the various options suggested above, if no brand or particular type of floss seems to be doing the trick for you, look into other tools that are designed to help. Check out the videos below for some ideas! The are many different tools and many different brands available to try. And again, which tool you use isn’t nearly as important as the fact you’re doing it!

Never Underestimate The Value Of Flossing!

Flossing is an essential part of effective, daily oral hygiene care. Flossing helps guard against gum disease, the most common cause of tooth loss as we age. In addition to the woes of gum disease, some studies suggest that gum health is linked to systemic health issues including diabetes and stroke.

Make Flossing A Daily Priority For Your Family

If you have questions about how to make flossing easier, please visit with us. We want to help your child be successful in setting habits for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Thanks for being our valued patients and friends!

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