Protect Your Child’s Smile During Sports

Protect Your Child’s Smile During Sports

5,000,000 TEETH ARE KNOCKED OUT during sporting events each year according to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation. Yes, that’s six zeros, meaning five million! If people don’t start protecting themselves, the Tooth Fairy may be able to retire—and we don’t want that! April is National Facial Protection Month. We want to make sure that your child’s smile is protected.

Protective Gear Greatly Reduces Chances of Injury

If you have your child wear a properly fitted mouthguard (along with other forms of protective gear) you can greatly reduce the risk of traumatic facial injury. So, this spring, as team rosters fill up and your kid gets excited to hit the field or court, make sure he or she uses appropriate protective gear.

Three Safety Tips For Your Child

  1. Wear a mouthguard for all contact sports including baseball, soccer, football, and lacrosse. Other sports may apply too!
  2. Wear a helmet and/or protective eyewear when appropriate. Face shields help protect your child’s skin.
  3. Be alert. Whether in the game or cheering from the sidelines, encourage your child to always pay attention.

Check out this fun video highlighting the importance of mouthguards! We want everyone to be active but smart during the upcoming seasons and beyond! If you’re unsure of the type of protective gear your child should wear for a sport or outdoor activity, please ask us. We’re here to help make sure you and your family have a blast this spring and summer, all while being safe.

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