Our Team Members Share Stories About Losing Their Baby Teeth

Our Team Members Share Stories About Losing Their Baby Teeth

WE’VE ALL BEEN THROUGH IT. In fact, it’s a rite of passage. We all have to lose our baby teeth to make room for those big ol’ permanent teeth. It seems as though every family has a different approach to handling this with kids. Some kids pull them out as soon as they are able. Others fret and worry a lot until the tooth pretty much falls out on iats own. Some families make dramatic productions each time and publish their videos on YouTube!

So, We’re Curious About YOU—Our Patients…

  • How did you lose your first tooth?
  • What’s the strangest way you or a sibling lost a tooth?

Our Team Starts It Off With Their Own Answers

  • Tali lost her teeth by watching her brother and dad wrestle on Saturday mornings. She’d get her teeth knocked out!
  • Jocelyn remembers her sister pulling out a tooth at Dairy Queen with a napkin. The ice cream helped!
  • Kayleigh lost 2 baby teeth in one day. The first one came out by being knocked out by the merry go round. The second came out when she ran into a swing set pole. Sounds like fun!
  • Lily was a good “wiggler.” Her dad would use pliers if the teeth wouldn’t come out. We think she takes the cake (no pun intended) for being the toughest of us all.
  • Dr. Stephen and Lynn don’t remember, so they must still have their baby teeth 🙂

Now, Share YOUR Story Below

Now that you’ve got a set of permanent adult teeth, hopefully you won’t be experiencing any more lost teeth. Take good care of the teeth you have, and they’ll last you a lifetime! We’d love to hear from you! Answer the question in a comment below, or on our Facebook page. Share your story… or a photo if you have one!

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