Is Your Child At A High Risk For Tooth Decay?

Is Your Child At A High Risk For Tooth Decay?

YOUR CHILD’S SMILE is important. You want to do everything you can to protect it. We can help! One way to help keep their smiles beautiful and cavity-free is through sealants.

High-Risk Behaviors

Typically, sealants are especially recommended for children who have habits or conditions that put them at a high risk of tooth decay. We may recommend sealants for your child if he or she…

  • has asthma, or takes meds that can cause dry mouth
  • has a major sweet tooth
  • snacks frequently
  • has had cavities before
  • has deep grooves and pits in molars

Sealants Act As A Protective Shield

Sealants are a protective covering placed on teeth. This covering quickly bonds to the tooth and covers all the grooves and depressions of the teeth. Sealants eventually wear away and need to be replaced. Sealants are an option for people of all ages. However, children especially benefit from them. Kids’ dental hygiene habits, despite the best efforts of their parents, are not the best. Kids have a harder time brushing and flossing as they should, and probably eat more sugar. This causes them to get more cavities.

Keep Brushing And Flossing Every Day!

Remember that sealants are not a “free pass” for your children to eat all the sweets they want or never floss. Sealants are just another way to protect teeth while continuing to brush and floss correctly. If you have questions about sealants call us today!

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