How Sour Candy Affects Your Child’s Teeth

How Sour Candy Affects Your Child’s Teeth

WHY ARE CERTAIN CANDIES so bad for your child’s teeth? One reason is all that sugar, of course. We know that. Here’s something you may not think about as often… Many popular treats include the descriptors tart, tangy, and sour. It seems the more bitter, the better. Trouble is, your child’s teeth are paying the price for this sour trend and we continue to see the damage. Acid Erodes Our Teeth A pH scale shows where substances are on a spectrum from base to acidic. 14–12 is really base, and 2–0 is really acidic. A nice, neutral pH level of 7 is ideal for our mouths. When your child eats acidic foods the pH level lowers. This can create a hostile, enamel-eroding environment for his or her teeth. No sugar (or plaque) is necessarily needed for an “acid attack” to be damaging.

Let’s Break It Down

Tooth enamel can start to erode at a pH level of 4. Spree, a relatively mild sour candy, has a pH level of 3, Sour Skittles 2.2, and WarHeads Spray 1.6. That’s pretty shocking when you consider battery acid has a pH level of 1.0.

The Sad Signs Of Erosion

The acid in sour candy can really take a toll on your child’s teeth and may even cause:

  • Sensitivity
  • Translucence at the biting edge of your teeth
  • Increased cavities due to weakened enamel

Find Out How Acidic Food Is Using A Cabbage Test!

Be Smart

Chewing sugarless gum stimulates saliva flow for cleansing. Having your child swish water around in his or her mouth can also help. Still, the smartest thing your child can do is stop eating tart candies, or eat them very sparingly. They’re treats, not snacks. If your child is experiencing signs of acid erosion, ask us about it. We can help.

Thanks for being our valued patient! We hope you and your smile are doing well!

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