Help Your Child Not Worry About Root Canal Therapy

Help Your Child Not Worry About Root Canal Therapy

March 17–23 is Root Canal Awareness Week. We know there are misperceptions out there about root canal therapy. What can be troubling is the way that adults pass fears about treatment to children. The truth is that with today’s awesome treatment advances, there’s no need for kids to be afraid of root canal treatment.

The Most Common Misperception

The problems that lead up to needing a root canal can be painful because they affect your tooth’s pulp and nerves. Oftentimes people associate root canal treatment with the discomfort that made the treatment necessary in the first place. Don’t forget that root canal therapy is the solution, not the problem! And, root canals don’t need to be painful.

Today’s Ingredients For Comfortable Root Canal Treatments:

  1. safe, effective anesthesia
  2. extremely precise tools
  3. incredible imaging technology that enhances how and what we see
  4. shorter treatment times

We’re In The Prevention Business

Now hopefully, your child won’t ever need root canal therapy. We’re in the prevention business, and with good home care and regular visits, your family can keep healthy teeth for life. However, we also know that problems happen, and root canal therapy may be needed to stop the problem from claiming your child’s tooth.

A Useful Overview Of Fillings, Crowns, And Root Canal Therapy

If your child is anxious about having a root canal, or about any other dental treatment, please let us know. Or if you have questions, please ask us. The comfort of our patients is our #1 priority. Don’t postpone important dental care because of fear. We listen and we care. Let’s take great care of your child’s oral health, together.

Thanks for your trust in our practice. We appreciate you!

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