Help Your Child Avoid Chipped Teeth

Help Your Child Avoid Chipped Teeth

THE HEALTHY ENAMEL THAT COVERS YOUR CHILD’S TEETH is the hardest substance in their body… It’s even harder than their bones! That’s great news when you consider the amount of pressure our jaw muscles exert on our teeth. However, your child’s teeth can still be cracked and chipped. This can not only cause pain, but it can be expensive and inconvenient to repair. Here are four “don’ts” for helping your child avoid a cracked tooth.

#1: For That OCCASIONAL Treat, Don’t Chomp… Lick

Hard candy isn’t good for your child’s oral health anyway. Besides the high sugar content, and the long periods of time the sugar sits on their teeth, hard candy can also crack teeth. Jawbreakers, suckers, and frozen candy bars are common culprits. OCCASIONALLY, if your child enjoys one of these treats, help him or her remember to lick instead of bite.

#2: Teach Your Child Not To Chew On Ice

High powered blenders have special blades and settings for crushing ice. So imagine what chewing on ice can do to our teeth! Some adults do it out of habit—and others do it when they’re nervous or bored. Help your child not develop the habit. It can chip or crack teeth.

#3: Remind Your Child To Watch For Unpopped Popcorn Kernels

We know that they’re difficult to avoid! When everyone is enthralled in a movie, the last thing on our minds is the popcorn we’re enjoying. Just help your child be aware of those pesky unpopped kernels!

#4: Teach Them Not To Use Their Teeth As Tools

They’re not bottle openers. They’re not scissors. They’re not pliers. You get the idea.

Contact Us Immediately If Your Child Chips Or Cracks A Tooth

Together, we’ll figure out the best course of action. Thanks for the trust you place in us. We appreciate having your child as our valued patient!

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