Get The Most From Connecting With Our Practice

Get The Most From Connecting With Our Practice

THE INTERNET has brought mountains of information to our fingertips… But without some “context” for the “content” it’s simply overwhelming. Especially when you’re evaluating the best methods for keeping your child healthy!

Our Social Media Objective Is To Better Empower You

Your child’s oral health, comfort, and appearance are SO important to us. That’s why we’re passionate about providing you with tools and information that helps. One of the ways we’re trying do this is by connecting with you through social media. Doing so helps us share, remind and coax with two goals in mind… Sound oral health that contributes to whole body health, and a beautiful, confident smile.

Typical Topics We Enjoy Tackling

  • “Is a particular new health fad going to hurt or help my child’s teeth?”
  • “Which snacks are dangerous for kids’ teeth?”
  • “How does gum chewing affect my smile?”
  • “How can I teach my child to brush correctly each night?”

Yes, Sometimes It’s OK To Have A Little Fun Too

The daily routines of life can be heavy. That’s one reason why we try to mix in a few fun things too. Relationships are meaningful and we like to think of you as part of our dental family.

Do You Have Requests? How Can We Better Serve You?

Are there topics that you would like addressed? How can we better provide context for all the oral health content out there? Please let us know. We’re listening. Honest.

Thank you…

Thanks. We’re so grateful to all of you who participate with us through social media. We’re also thankful for your kind referrals of friends and family. We appreciate your recommendations and your participation. If there’s ever anything we can do to make your experience, or your child’s experience with our practice more enjoyable, we’re all ears.

Our social media door is always open.

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