4 Things Your Teenager Should Know

4 Things Your Teenager Should Know

THE LIFE OF A TEENAGER is busy. Between school, friends, and extracurricular activities they can easily neglect their oral health. Sometimes, it’s just not “top-of-mind” for them!

Spend Some Time With Your Teen Discussing…

#1: The Effects Of Soft Drinks & Sports/Energy Drinks

All of these drinks (and even many juice drinks) are loaded with sugar and acid, which can eat right through enamel, causing sensitivity, discoloration, and increased cavity risk. A BIG problem is sipping these drinks throughout the day. It’s better to drink it down all at once, then rinse with water. And remember to use them in moderation!

#2 The Potential Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment

A first orthodontist evaluation should be considered around age 7. However, the most common time for orthodontic treatment is during teen years. Orthodontic treatment can help overall dental health, making it easier to clean teeth, ensuring that teeth wear evenly, and keeping one’s jaw balanced.

#3 Watching Wisdom Teeth Is Important

Another concern during teenage years is wisdom teeth. Many people have their wisdom teeth removed between ages 17 and 21. It’s important during this time that we keep an eye on your teeth, watching for problems that could be caused by wisdom teeth.

#4 Some Habits Or Behaviors Put A Teen’s Teeth At Risk

Though this isn’t the exclusive domain of teens, many of these behaviors start during the teen years. Encourage your teen to keep his or her oral health in mind when considering these issues:

  • Tongue piercings frequently chip and crack teeth.
  • Smoking creates many health issues for your body, among them increased risk of oral cancer and tooth loss.
  • Eating disorders deprive your body of the nutrients it needs for healthy gums and teeth, as well as potentially bathing teeth in stomach acid. If you’re battling an eating disorder, reach out for help.

You AND Your Teen Are The Most Important People In Maintaining Oral Health

Enjoy these years! Your kids grow up SO fast. Help them grow up healthy and responsible by teaching them great oral health habits! Let us know ANY TIME we can help support you. We love visiting with our teen patients!

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice!

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