4 Important Things You Should Know About Baby Teeth

4 Important Things You Should Know About Baby Teeth

IT’S EASY TO TAKE baby teeth for granted. After all, they’re only temporary, right? They’re just “practice teeth”, right? Wrong. Baby teeth are really important! They need to be cared for just like adult teeth. However, there are some significant differences that we should remember.

Reminder #1: Baby Teeth Are More Sensitive

A baby tooth’s enamel and dentin layers (the harder outer coverings) are smaller, and the pulp (root) is larger. This means it doesn’t take as long for a cavity to travel to the root of the tooth, potentially causing severe distress for your child.

Reminder #2: It’s Easier To Knock Out Baby Teeth

Shorter roots mean it’s easier to lose baby teeth from falls or trauma. Sometimes, a knocked-out baby tooth isn’t a problem and we can wait for the new one to grow in. But sometimes a bridge may be needed to keep other teeth in place and prepare the space for the permanent tooth.

Reminder #3: Baby Teeth Last Longer Than You Think!

Reminder #4: Baby Teeth Are Essential To Development

Baby teeth perform many functions, including:

  • ensuring proper nutrition through chewing and eating
  • aiding in speech development
  • holding suitable space for permanent teeth to come in even and healthy
  • creating the groundwork for good dental habits

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