3 Tips For Packing Lunches Your Kid (And Their Teeth!) Will Like

3 Tips For Packing Lunches Your Kid (And Their Teeth!) Will Like

WE BELIEVE IN PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY and yes, much of that depends on your child! Their diligence in cleaning teeth after mealtimes is important, but healthy teeth also depend a lot on which foods they eat during mealtimes.

Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy By Packing Great Lunches

Taking the time to think through your child’s lunch is really important for both their oral and overall health. Keep these three smile-friendly lunch tips in mind.

1. Switch Out The Troublemakers

Chewy, sweet foods like gummies or dried fruits like Craisins can be really bad for your teeth because they stick! For a sweet treat, choose fresh fruit or even a little bit of chocolate. Processed, starchy crackers or chips are also problematic. They stick to teeth and turn into sugars very quickly. Opt for whole grains instead—or even better, some healthy nuts or seeds.

2. Reconsider The Drink

Soda and sports drinks are bad news for your teeth. Some fruit juices are loaded with sugar and acid as well. Consider milk or water instead. Chocolate milk may be a good option too. It offers protein and almost half of your daily calcium.

3. Use Natural Scrubbers

There are certain foods that actually help your teeth. For example, yogurt and cheese can cut acidity, making something like fruit juice less harmful. And then there are great fruits and vegetables that scrub your teeth when you eat them and get rid of built-up sugars and starches from your lunch. These include celery, apples, carrots, cucumbers, and pears.

Some Tips For Healthy Lunches

The ideas in this video are great. Start using some of them today!

Do You Have Any Tips To Add?

Do you have any ideas of your own to add? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you! Thanks for your trust in our practice. We appreciate working with wonderful parents like you.

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