3 Dental Tips For Taking Care Of A Child With A Cold Or The Flu

3 Dental Tips For Taking Care Of A Child With A Cold Or The Flu

WHEN THE COLD AND FLU SEASON STRIKES your child’s teeth are probably the last thing you’re thinking about as you help him or her reach for another tissue! But there ARE some things related to that cold or flu that can affect oral health. That’s why you, as parents, need to be conscious of these three things:

Tip 1: Avoid Dry Mouth By Keeping Your Child Hydrated

Dry mouth increases cavity risk. Most colds come with a giant side order of stuffy nose. We respond by breathing through our mouths! Doing so, combined with decreased saliva production during sleep, makes our mouths more vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

Tip 2: Keep The Bad Stuff Off Their Teeth

  • Are they sucking on cough drops all day? Most are loaded with sugar. Opt for sugar-free cough drops if possible.
  • Cough syrup is loaded with sugar too. If you give your child cough syrup, have them rinse their mouth out before going back to bed.
  • Stomach acid is hard on teeth. Sorry to bring this up, but if your child is throwing up, keep their teeth rinsed and clean.

Tip 3: No Matter How Tired…

We know it’s tough to take care of even the most basic things when your child is sick. So it’s up to you to remind your son or daughter to brush and floss all the same. Oral health is too important to neglect.

A Few More Practical Tips For Staying Healthy

Show this fun video to your child to remind them to wash their hands frequently in order to avoid getting sick. Stay healthy this flu season! Remember to sneeze into your elbow and wash your hands often to keep viruses from spreading.

We hope your child feels better soon. And thanks for your trust in our practice!

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